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Day 4


It's 7 o 'clock in the morning and I'm having my last breakfast in London, yogurt with oatmeal! I love it, I will take the train to Cambridge at 10 am and It will be a short trip, just today and tomorrow, because the I'll go to France. I'm learning some french words, and I'm taking the taxi now to the train station.

Now I'm here. I'm saying goodbye to London, and I have all my things with me. Now I'm in the train. Goodbye my pretty London! I had a good time with you! Maybe we can see us again. I'll see Cambridge in a hour and 17 minutes. During this time, I'll sleep.

Hello Cambridge! I'm staying in a hotel again, cheap but safe. It's 11:17 am and I'm walking to the hotel. It's near the train station so It's good.

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Day 3

I love London so much


As I said, It was fantastic. Seeing London by that high point is wonderful. Did I say that I was going to the Buckingham Palace too? I'll take the tour at 4 o'clock and then I will go to a place to drink the famous english tea! It's a restaurant wich is called Balthazar. I'm very happy because of this, my dreams are coming true. Now It's 9 o'clock in the morning and I'm having breakfast, I'm eating two scrambled eggs, and a slice of a waffle, with a glass of water.

Tomorrow I'll travel again, but this time to Cambridge! That beatiful and famous university is waiting for me. Also I will walk on the mathematical bridge, but I will write information about that later.

Now It's time to go to the Buckingham Palace! Home, sweet home of the Queen and English royal family. It was built a lot of years ago, in 1703 by architect William Winde as a home for Duke Buckingham. It features 775 rooms, of these rooms, 188 are staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, and 19 state rooms. A lot of, I know this because I'm a fan of british culture, did I say that before? Well, I arrived, It's bigger than I was thinking, It's time!

I've love it so much. We were a tour of 10 people, and we cannot go to some bedrooms because they are private, just for the royal family. Now I'm drinking an english tea, in Balthazar, the restaurant wich is very beautiful, and also the tea is very good! Also I'm eating a little piece of cake, because I didn't eat anything for 4 hours.

It was delicious, now I'm going to the hotel and rest. My trip to London is over, I'm very happy and I hope to see this wonderful city again.

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Day 2


overcast 10 °C

The flight is over. It was 12 hours without touching the floor, and that's why I feel a little bit strange. I'll stay in a hotel, cheap but good and safe, as I read in its website. Now I'm eating luch in Nopi, a restaurant which has a lot of spicy food, and I love it! After luch I'll go to the hotel for sleeping, and see what else I can do, and also learn French!

It passed 3 hours. It's 6 o'clock and I'm preparing for going to the famous London Eye and take some photos! I'm shaking of emotion, this is one of my dreams since I was little! Now I'm taking a taxi, and I can imagine all good photos that I'm going to take and posting them on Instagram and Miss Cindy liking them. It's going to be a good trip.

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Day 1

From Valdivia to Santiago

rain 5 °C

Today I start my trip to Europe! I will go to England and France, I’m so excited, I’ve never being in these countries before. I’m in Valdivia, and I’m writing this on the plane to Santiago, then I’ll take the plane to England, it would be too long.
In England, I will be in London and in Cambridge. I’m so excited because I will see the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the University of Cambridge, which is very famous.

It passed 1 hour since I wrote that, I’m in airport’s starbucks drinking an ice tea, and eating a muffin. My plane to England is in 4 hours, so I have time to write about what’s going to happen after my trip to England. I’ll go to France! I love French culture, but the difficult thing is that I don’t speak French. I’m learning some French words, and how to communicate with people. Of course I will go to Paris, and Marsella.

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